1. How can I pay my bills?

1.a: "Payment online": If you want to pay online, we accept all credit or debit cards. Your transaction will be carried out safely under the strictest standards for the protection of information, we can accept payments at the time of delivery or also if you pick up the items in the store, the collection will be made.

1.b: "Cash on delivery": You can pay when you receive your order at home, either with credit or debit cards or in cash.

1.c: "Pick up in store": You can place your order online and select the time you want to pick up your order at one of our branches that offer the Éxito Fresh Market service. Payment is made directly at the branch or by making the payment online previously. Upon arrival at the store, present your confirmation number and your merchandise will be delivered to you.

2.  Are my payments secure online or in person?

All transactions are protected with the strictest standards for the protection of information, so you can be sure that your data is completely shielded.

3. Can I schedule to buy for later days?

Yes, you can select both the time of your preference and the day, within a range of 7 days after the date you are placing your order.

4. If I am not satisfied with my products, can I ask for an exchange or return to the store?

Yes, either directly with the delivery person or in the store.

5. Can I send my order to an address other than my home?

Yes, you can register several addresses and send orders to any address that has an Éxito Fresh Market store, the system will indicate which store corresponds to you with respect to the selected address.

6. Can I order wholesale products?

In the products that apply you can request either wholesale or by pieces

7. I can order my products with observations

You can add comments to the products you choose or add comments to the order in general.

8. Do you send me a purchase receipt online or email of the purchase made?

In the billing section at the bottom of the Online Store.

9. How do I buy in Éxito Fresh Market APP

After registering follow these steps:

You can find the articles you are looking for through the search bar at the top, separating the articles by commas either by product name, brand or product type, or through the left menu by Department. Add your item by clicking on the "Add" image, in case you have not previously selected a store, at the time of "Adding" Éxito Fresh Market, but you always have the option of picking up your order in store). When you have finished your purchase, go to your Cart, which is in the upper right part of the screen and simply choose "Home delivery" or "Pick up in store". Choose the delivery time. Select the payment method. Finalize your purchase and you will receive a confirmation to the email you provided with an order number and delivery time.

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